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Why choose Payday Loans America?

  • Instant payday loans
  • A borker with a wide lending network
  • Same-day approval
  • No hidden fees
  • No guarantor required

Payday Loans America – Loans Online with Instant Decisions

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a loan in the amount of $100 – $5,000 provided under a loan agreement by a microfinance or other organization that has the right to issue payday loas.

Types of loans

The most common MFI products are installment loans (for personal needs for a relatively long term), payday loans (small amounts for a very short term), small business loans (for starting, running, supporting and developing a small business).

How to choose right lender?

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Nowadays, there are many lenders working either online or offline. Sometimes people have no idea on how to choose the right financial company. Many online resources have been analyzed and the following conclusion was made. First, you should surf the online catalog containing various online lenders. You may follow the link: to find reliable lenders in America.

Second, you should analyze as much information as possible. Read reviews and get acquainted with the ratings. Third, use the chosen lender to submit an application online. As you can see the procedure simple but effective in coping with temporary financial issues.

Distinctive features: Banks vs MFI

  1. Simplicity – loan processing is less formalized than in a bank.
  2. The speed of processing a loan.
  3. Affordability – MFIs often operate in locations where there are no bank branches.
  4. For the borrower – high interest on the loan.
  5. For investment clubs, the safety of funds is not guaranteed by the state.

What are available loan amounts?

Payday Loans America offers the following amounts:

  • $200.00 – $500.00;
  • $500.00 – $1,000.00;
  • $1,100.00 – $2,500.00;
  • $2,500.00 – $5,000.00.


Saving time

The main advantage of online payday loans is convenience and simplicity – there is no need to visit a financial institution several times, adjust to the work schedule, or stand in queues. All the necessary actions can be easily performed at lunchtime by filling out an application on the website.

In addition, it considerably saves time and the very registration of the application via the Internet will take no more than 3 minutes.

The approval of the application is instant, thanks to the well-efficient work of the credit institution, the client will receive the money in 24 business hours on his bank card, and there is no need to come to the company’s office to sign the documents. Simple methods of customer identification and verification have been introduced, which allow you to apply for a loan in a mobile application in just 1 click.

At the same time, online loans can be obtained in a 24/7 – that is, on any day of the week and even at night.

Availability of information

The most important thing to do before deciding to take out a loan online is to calculate it in order to see the costs for interest and commissions.

Our website offers a convenient loan calculator that allows you to quickly calculate interest, independently choose the loan amount and loan term. Our loans are free of any hidden fees, the borrower will immediately know the full loan cost. And also on the website, you can get acquainted with the form of a standard loan agreement.

Profitable terms

Our clients are offered favorable terms for issuing loans online.
In addition, with repeated applications of the borrower, the terms may be softened: the rate decreases, the term increases, and the maximum possible loan amount increases.

Online loans are a great way to improve your credit history. By repaying a payday loan on time, you can significantly improve your credit reputation. This means that next time there will be a chance to take a mortgage or car loan at low interest rates for a large amount.

How it works?

Fill out an application form

Fill out an application form. Enter all the mandatory fields with required loan amount, with possible loan amounts. The application is processed within several minutes.


Get acquainted with loan terms and rates

We will provide you loan details. Our broker service will connect you with a lender with the most affordable terms.


Submit an application

Your application will be transferred to a lender. The lender will connect with you and send you additional documents if those required. Al the details will be given by the lender you are going to work with.


Deposit funds

If you are apprved, your funds will be deposited within 24 business hours. If there is a delay, please address your banking institution.

Start your application

Ask Us

Who is Payday Loans America?

Payday Loans America is an online broker that connects customers with lenders throughout the USA.

In what states do you have a licence to work?

We have a licence to work in almost all states except for Arkansas, West Virginia, New York, Vermont. If you live in these states, please address other online or offline company.

If I have a bad credit, may I apply for a loan?

Yes, you may. In any case, our company will search for the best options for your individual case.

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