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Future Investors Club of America's individual, small business and major corporation sponsorship initiative is designed to enlist the support in establishing community based comprehensive business and financial intelligence training programs. The FICA financal and business intelligence training programs are developed throughout America in cooperation with schools, youth groups, organizations and associations. Sponsorship partners will assist with the FICA mission of "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today SM," by selecting one or more of the sponsorship/marketing opportunities below. FICA has carefully designed several individual and corporate strategies to provide numerous sponsor benefits and maximum training opportunities for program participants.

This initiative allows the sponsor to provide a school(s) of their choice the benefits of enrolling students as a FICA Club, Chapter or Center or participate in other student(s) and teacher(s) learning opportunities. Our Financial Literacy News (FLN) online publication is a business, career and financial education online publication the proclaims as its slogan the "Kids & Parents Money Speaks" and we believe that corporate America does in fact listen." FLN provides online links and banner opportunities for corporate partners. Banners/Links are strategically placed on the FLN Website. FICA promotional opportunities includes logo placement on the back of our stylish Tee-shirt. Individuals, parents and students love the FICA Tee-shirts with its unique graphical logo designs. FICA will allow certain sponsorsoring partners the ability to place it's corporate logo on the back of the FICA Tee-shirts.

In addition, FICA provides individuals, small businesses as well as major corporate sponsors several additional marketing, promotional and presenting opportunities. The Winning On Wall St. Kickoff, Financial Whiz Kids Challenge and Competition and Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps; are excellent programs that provide for direct interaction with students, teachers and parents. FICA Programs are prensented by experts in the field of business and finance. Presentations are carefully designed, using special training strategies, which makes learning about the world of business and finance fun, exciting and informative. Participants, leave wanting to learn more. With your support students will be able to attend business and financial intelligence training programs, travel, win prizes such as savings bonds and more!

Below is a summary of FICA marketing and sponsorship opportunities. Friend, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsorship Level benefits are available. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Club, Chapter or Center Sponsorship

When was the last time you thought about sponsoring an Elementary, Middle or Senior High School to help students increase their financial intelligence? FICA has made it so very easy to do. As a sponsor we will reach out to your school of choice to assist in establishing a Future Investors Club of America Club 10-25 students, Chapter 26-100 students or Center 101 students or more training program. You select to sponsor one or more schools in your area of choice. Then leave the rest to us! We'll contact the school on your behalf and inform them of your sponsorship. For your support you will receive numerous benefits outlined in the FICA Sponsorship Guide and the satisfaction of knowing that you gave back to a school to helped students become the successful, like you are are today. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA e-School Online Learning Sponsorship

The FICA e-School online learning is a comprehensive revolutionary and comprehensive training system designed to help students to increase their business, career, financial and real life money skills. If you have been searching for a one stop all inclusive financial intelligence training system that provides your students introductory, basic, advance, executive, international and financial leadership skills; look no further, its all included in the Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School. The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School incorporates professionally developed curriculum; high tech audio; fun engaging financial games; strategic lesson plans; the latest online internet software as a service technology; collaborative education web links; financial aptitude quizzes; interactive worksheets; animation and educational video's designed to keep students motivated to learn. The complete Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system consist of 100 online e-learning portals and is designed for students to start learning as early as 8 years old and continue through their middle, high school and even college years.

The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system networks includes; Mantis Money and Math; Kids and Teens 99 Ways To Earn Extra Cash; Young Investors Dream Life; Young Investors Banking; Young Investors Planning; Young Investors Training; Future Investors Stock Exchange; Young Investors Kit; and Young Traders Network. Sponsors can select to provide schools access to the Young Investors Tool Kit 32 Portals, Young Investors Tool Pack 68 Portals and or Young Investors Tool Box 98 Portals respectively. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Winning On Wall St. Kickoff

Future Investors Winning On Wall St. Kickoff program is an exhilarating "Financial Pep Rally" designed to be informative, fun and exciting. From the time students walk in the door at an FICA program and see the facility all decorated to perfection they know their world is about to change. In the background the FICA theme is playing which gets them excited to learn. The theme song is about kids learning about stocks and bonds. From there, its time to for students to design their American Dream. In addition, participants learn about the history of money, financial life skills, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, career strategies, the importance of teamwork and more!

Students leave excited and wanting to learn more! Corporate Sponsors/Marketing Partners shall have the opportunity to present and display a corporate banner. Approximately 100-300 participants attend each Future Investors on Wall St. programs. Programs are scheduled in major markets throughout the United States. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Young Investors Summer Camp

Informative, Fun and Exciting! These three terms sum up the FICA Summer Camps. Young Investors enjoy financial intelligence training, video and board games, field trips to local financial districts, and guest speakers from some of America's largest corporations. FICA Summer Camps are to be held on the campuses of some of America's most prestigious Colleges and Universities. In addition, each summer camp has been designed to provide special emphases on certain key economic industries, such as: Travel & Tourism, Technology-Communications, Entertainment-Media, Energy-Space Technology, Commodity Markets, Franchise Corporations, Banking, Insurance & Investments, Toys & Sporting Goods. In addition, field trips may be planned to the movies and other local entertainment centers. All activities are designed to enhance and enrich the learning process. As a result, learning to about the world of finance and business has never been this much fun! To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Winning On Wall St. Kickoff

FICA has designed very colorful, inspirational and trendy t-shirts. Students and parents wear our t-shirts consistently. During one summer in order to raise money for a trip to the New York Stock Exchange one FICA Club sold over 12,000 t-shirts. The front of the t-shirts will include a FICA trademarked logo. The back of the t-shirts includes motivational slogans and or club Information, 10 Commandments of Success, thirteen steps towards riches or If It Is To Be Its Up To Me. Corporate Sponsor Logo's can be place on the back of the t-shirts. People won't be able to miss it! To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Financial Training Workshops

In order for young people to become successful financially, it is equally important for them to begin learning and practicing wealth strategies at the youngest possible age. The Future Investor Clubs Network Training and Workshop strategy adheres to the philosophy, that “building wealth takes practice.” The Young Investors Club Network Training online training portal is a part of the FICA “Wealth Takes Practice” training network designed to help students understand the importance of Training life skills. The YICN Training online portal will be divided into four main sections as follows: Business Training, Career Training, Financial Training and Investment Training. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Whiz Kids and Teens Challenge

America's next generation of Financial Whiz Kids and Teens are ready and willing to meet the challenge. All they need is a little training and motivation. That's exactly what each participant receives when he/she attends the FICA Financial Whiz Kids Challenge Workshops and Competition. The Whiz Kids Workshops 1 & 2 exposes students to the world of finance and business in a very interactive and fun way. They must pay careful attention because at any time a Whiz Kid Challenge question can appear. Questions such, as the six different types of returns and six different types of risk. Answer the question correctly and the participant gets a special prize, such as electronics, Winning on Wall St. Board Games, and cash! To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

If you think sports, is competitive you've never attended a FICA Financial Whiz Kids Challenge Workshop or Competition. The Competition can especially get pretty intense. Some spectators have often declared, that these are the "best kids on the planet when it comes to financial intelligence." America's financial system is the envy of the world. FICA with your corporate support aims to keep it that way. Approximately 25-150 students participate in FICA Financial Whiz Kids Workshops & Competitions. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Radio and TV Media

Many Americans get their news and financial information from the radio, television and online media. In fact, Americans listen to the Radio about three hours per day, on average, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau. Whether it's heard through an alarm clock, over coffee and toast, or through car radios, most Americans get their morning news from the radio and evening news from TV. Half of Americans listen to the radio at work, while three out of four adults listen in their cars. In addition, Americans spend 34 hours a week watching TV, according to Nielsen numbers. Future Investor Clubs of America has developed FICA Radio and TV online media as a business and financial intelligence online talk show and financial education media network. Our mission is to provide our listeners, online subscribers and viewers with an creative, entertaining, informative and innovative format that keeps you excited about tuning in to hear what our host have to say throughout your day. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Radio and TV promises to provide subscribers with experienced and professional guest that will help increase their Earning Potential, Financial Intelligence Skills, Saving and Investing strategies. Regardless of their current financial situation or the countries economic condition, we at FICA Radio and TV networks adheres to one of the 10 Commandments of Success that says "Thou must prepare for darkness while traveling in the sunlight." Sponsorship funding will be used to help provide the best and latest financial education information available today to help all our listeners and subscribers attain financial success. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Young Investors Club Network

Future Investor Clubs of America is offering the Young Investor Clubs Collegians Network (YICCN) Sponsorship opportunity for the 2015 and beyond. The YICCN team will visit 300 colleges in America to provide over 30,000 or more college students access to quality financial intelligence training applications. Thousands of College students will be invited to log on to our YICN website and register to access the training or be provided a YICN software pack that allows connection via an enclosed user name & password. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.

FICA Winning On Wall St. Kickoff

Financial Literacy News (FLN) is an online publication reaching 40,000 or more local Business Owners, Parents, Students & Teachers and others throughout the community. Financial Literacy News provides comprehensive, practical information on financial education, investments, money management, financial industry professional and career development issues for individuals seeking information in the all areas of finance and business. In each issue, readers can elect to participate in financial training opportunities, search a listing of careers, jobs and or peruse a calendar of upcoming program opportunities. With popular timely features such as these, Financial Literacy News is the publication that readers will turn to in order to increase their financial and business intelligence. To Advertise in Financial Literacy News call 1-888-320-9990.

With a combined online subscribership of more than 100,000 monthly is quickly becoming a leading resource in the field of financial education. FLN provides parents, students and teachers with a top quality comprehensive newspaper publication complete with up-to-date business and finance issues, product information and more. FINANCIAL LITERACY NEWS believes that the world's best and brightest investors and business people are yet to come.

Finally, Financial Literacy News Network is designed to provide students, parents and teachers the latest news in the area of career, business and financial intelligence training. FLNN provides FICA Clubs, Chapters and Centers the latest news stories affecting members. Students also gain insight into the ABC’s of Finance, while exploring Kids & Teens spending habits. In addition, students are exposed to news in various financial markets such as Mutual Funds, Bonds and Commodity News. Stock Market news get considerable attention from a kids and teenagers view point. Kids and Money, Company News Reports, Personal Finance, Business News, Economic and Regulatory News helps to keep FICA members informed about global markets. To learn more click on the Sponsor Now link and complete the contact us form or call 1-888-320-9990.