About Us

Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc.

Has established a FICA Club Initiative. The FICA Club Initiative is designed to provide small groups, schools and organizations the tools needed to implement a comprehensive financial and business intelligence training program. FICA Clubs must agree to adhere to the FICA's comprehensive Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT), Advance Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT) and or Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT) curriculum (See Training). There are currently 6 FICA training programs from which to choose. Future Investors Winning On Wall St. Kickoff, Financial Whiz Kids Challenge & Competition, Young Investors World of Wall St. Training, Young Analyst Technology Training, Young Executive Leadership Training and the CBOT/NYSE Financial Leadership Camp & Tours. In addition FICA has added two special training programs for FICA Parents and Collegians. Each Future Investor Clubs program participant is required to pass an exam in order to proceed to the next level of training. FICA's financial and business intelligence training is a comprehensive individual student and group development system.

The FICA Club program development strategy entails establishing Future Investor Clubs in cooperation with elementary, middle, and high schools. Our strategy also includes youth groups, magnet, and charter schools. Also participating, are parents and students attending universities and colleges. Through its Special Training Programs, FICA has trained thousands of youth throughout America. FICA instructors are licensed professionals and/or teachers who have been trained to present the FICA curriculum in a fun and exciting way, that keeps youth motivated to learn. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible. If you agree, then join us by getting youth under your leadership involved in this exciting and comprehensive educational opportunity so that we may continue "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today."

FICA Clubs are required to sign a FICA Club Agreement, pay the appropriate registration fee. FICA Clubs are required to register a minimum of 10-25 students for each selected training program(s). All members must be ages 8-19, have good behavior, reading, math and writing skills. Students are required to attend the selected FICA training program(s), maintain good standing membership status and must also pay required FICA Club membership fees if any.