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America's Most Comprehensive Financial Training System For Kids, Teens and Young Collegians

Since 1997 Thousands of Students Trained. Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA) founded in January 1997, is a financial intelligence training software as a service company designed to introduce youth ages 8-19 to the world of business and finance intelligence in a fun and exciting way. FICA is dedicated to "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today TM. This outstanding financial intelligence training company was designed and developed by FICA Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Frank Parks and a network of educators and business leaders. Mr. Parks is a 30 year veteran in the financial services industry with sales, management and executive experience with some of America's Fortune 500 financial services companies. Mr. Parks, decided to develop FICA after beginning to train his own two children then ages eight and nine about the world of finance. As a professionally trained financial advisor and parent Mr. Parks worried about his kids growing up making mistakes simply because of a lack of financial knowledge.

Mr. Parks decided in 1995 to begin searching for a comprehensive financial training program for youth ages 8-19, he found none. “I was searching for a program that my kids could get into that would provide superior financial training applications. I wanted a comprehensive program that included but yet went beyond basic consumer economics, one that in addition to teaching Kids/Teens about investments, would also over time train Kids/Teens on how to one day own a private or publicly traded company. I wanted the students to go from becoming Young Investors, to Young Financial Analyst and to eventually become Young Executives. I wanted my own kids to get the best training on the planet and decided that all kids that showed interest in finance and business deserved the same.” I felt that a good financial training program would also give my kids the best chance to earn scholarships and grants to attend a College or University to study business and finance. After 2 years of searching and discovering the lack of a comprehensive financial training program, Mr. Parks decided to start what is now known as Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA).

On June 21, 1997, FICA held what is now recognized as one of the nation’s best comprehensive Young Investors Wall St. Summer Camps.” That first financial training camp had a total of 20 student participants. In summer of 1998, 35 students attended a six-week FICA Financial Training Wall St. Summer Camp, which, at the time was believed to be the ” longest and most comprehensive financial training camp being held in the nation” wrote the Miami Herald. During the fall of that same year over 300 hundred students went on to enroll in the FICA Young Investors Club Program. It did not take long for the local Dade County Public School (DCPS) District to take notice. The local DCPS Academy of Finance and school Principals recognized that FICA students were being trained at a very high level.

During the fall of 1998, Mr. Parks was contacted by the DCPS and asked to be a guest speaker at the Academy of Finance conference. Hearing about the FICA program the Academy of Finance leadership enlisted the help of Mr. Parks to assist in training students at several academy schools. Mr. Parks was also appointed to the Academy of Finance Executive Committee to assist in coordinating programs and activities. Locally and nationwide other schools also enrolled their students in FICA Programs. Since 1997, thousands of students nationally have participated in FICA's Winning On Wall St. Kickoffs, Young Investors Summer Camps, Financial Leadership Training and Tours. Many organizations and schools are now enrolling students under their leadership in year round FICA's Special Training Programs.

Quality & Professional Training!

In order to provide superior financial and business intelligence training FICA draws on the leadership and experience of its CEO Mr. Parks. Mr. Parks has over 20+ years of professional training as an insurance agent, financial planner, investment advisor, entrepreneur and executive. Mr. Parks has enlisted the support of numerous major corporations and executives to serve as sponsors/advisors. Parents and Administrators can be assured that all FICA instructors are professionally trained individuals that share only the best financial and business intelligence information available today. This strategy has led to several professional educators and community leaders to refer to FICA students as the "best financially trained kids on the planet." Future Investor Clubs vary in size. FICA Clubs are 10-25 members, FICA Chapters are 26-100 members and FICA Centers 101-200 members. Youth ages 8-19 are encouraged to join.

FICA’s leadership believes that financial and business intelligence training helps students perform better in the classroom. All training sessions incorporate Department of Education Standards for Mathematics, Reading and Writing. Financially intelligent students are better equipped to make the connection between the classroom and the real life skills needed to succeed. Financial literacy helps make for better communities where the citizenry is financial literate. Each training session is presented in a challenging and fun environment that keeps young people excited about learning.

FICA program participants learn through the use of curriculum materials, computer software programs, online internet access, application of critical thinking skills and analytical techniques all designed to enhance the learning process. In addition, students visit local financial districts, major corporations and entertainment centers for fun! All local, national and international field trips are carefully planned to enhance classroom activities. FICA's training system also incorporates strategic planning sessions designed to improve the participant's ability to work together as a team. Join or start a FICA Club Today!


Future Investor Clubs of America is quickly being recognized as a leader in youth financial education/literacy training. FICA was one of the first companies in America to provide comprehensive face-to-face financial intelligence training summer camps and year round programs to students nationwide! Thousands of Students and Teachers have benefited from our extraordinary introductory Winning On Wall St. Kickoff Programs, Wall Street Summer Camps, Financial Whiz Kids Challenge & Competitions and other FICA Special Programs.

Growing Strong!

During the next 12 months thousands of students, parents, teachers and business leaders will participate in FICA’s financial training events and programs. Many FICA Members will gather information needed to help them succeed in the FICA Financial Literacy News (FLN) publication being distributed in major cities throughout America. In addition, FICA Youth and Adult members along with community residents will be invited to attend our Making The Connection, Business, Career, Finance & Technology Expositions that are being scheduled nationwide to provide additional training and networking opportunities.

Online Training & Financial Leadership Training Tours!

To compliment our nationally recognized face-to-face training system, FICA provides training participants top quality curriculum, videos and training software. In addition the website provides superior internet online training/information through our Future Investors Stock Exchange and FLN Online News. Providing FICA members access to the best financial and business intelligence information on the planet is our primary mission. FICA’s internet online training system provides our member Directors, Leaders, Young Investors, Young Analyst and Young Executives access to additional online training/information.

The incorporation of Financial Leadership Training Tours into the FICA strategy has been extraordinarily successful and has provided FICA members the opportunity to participate in national as well as international leadership training programs. FICA Financial Leadership Training Tours include informative field trips to such places as the New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Fortune 500 Corporations, College Business and Finance schools. The upcoming Spring FICA Financial Leadership International Tour is scheduled for Osaka, Japan. Students will visit and participate in training programs being held at the Osaka and Nikkei Stock Exchanges respectively.


The US Department of Labor released statistics showing that 30% to 50% of young people leave school today without the knowledge of skills required to find and hold a good job. At the same time, over 50% of US employers report they cannot find qualified applicants for their most basic entry-level positions. Sadly, 90% of our students rate their knowledge of investments and business as poor to fair. Nearly 85% report they have been taught only "a little about" or practically nothing about how investments work. Most would like more training. In a recent survey by Phoenix Mutual Home Life Insurance Company, 75% of students think schools should teach students how to manage their money! Many parents are requesting Elementary, Middle and High Schools get involved in financial intelligence training.

In America today, adolescents are facing some of the nation's worst problems. More than one out of every five children between the ages of 5 and 19 are living below the poverty level. The level of youth of African America heritage dropping out and never completing school is 29% and 25% for those of Hispanic heritage. There are over 14 million children living in poverty in the United States. For every year that 14 million American children continue to experience poverty, their lifetime contribution to the economy will decline by an estimated $130 billion because poor children grow up to be less educated and less productive workers. The US Dept. of Social Security reports that 94% of Americans regardless of race retiring at age 65 are dependent on receiving their social security retirement benefit just to pay basic household expenses. The wealth of communities and the United States is at risk.

Future Investors Club of America is dedicated to providing youth ages 8-19 the opportunity to get financial and business intelligence training at the earliest possible age. Public/Private Schools, Economic Development Corporations, Religious and Youth Groups have played such an important role in the education and development of the lives of youth in America. Therefore the Future Investors Club of America is committed to partnering with such groups in an effort to make sure that all youth regardless of race are exposed to financial and business intelligence training programs.

The FICA Club, Chapter and After School Programs are designed to allow for collaborative efforts in training, competitions, travel and funding grants. Program participants, will have the opportunity to learn a variety of important financial and business systems, designed to motivate youth to stay in school and to excel in the classroom. Besides teaching participants about finance and business, FICA is designed to provide long-term basic and advance training programs. There are three main levels to the FICA training system they include the Young Investors Club, Young Analyst Club and Young Executives Club. FICA programs are conducted during school hours, after school and Saturdays. In addition, FICA conducts summer camps, field trips and national tours all designed to enhance the learning process. We would like to invite you to get youth under your direction involved in this excellent educational opportunity.